Where is a good place in Brooklyn or Manhattan to get corned beef and cabbage?

I know I'm late to the game, but if I wanted to go have corned beef and cabbage near NYC tonight where should I go?

  • Posted by: C
  • March 17, 2015


Pegeen March 17, 2015
Other people have mentioned it, but corned beef and cabbage is not a traditional Irish dish. It's an American Irish custom.

(Also, by the way, in Ireland you would never say St. Patty's Day. Patty is a girl's name for Patricia, not this saint's name, Patrick or the Gaelic Padraic.)

I've started on my Guinnessses, as you can tell. :-)
Pegeen March 17, 2015
Check out Time Out NY's St. Patrick's Day features. But be prepared for no crowd control wherever you go.

Honestly (and I'm 150% Irish) I would skip the corned beef and cabbage thing tonight. But not the Guinness.
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