Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Amsterdam

I'm going to Brussels and Amsterdam next month. I'll have 3 days in Brussels by myself because my husband will be working (and we're staying near the airport) so I may go to Bruges or Antwerp for a day trip. Then we're off to Amsterdam and back to central Brussels together. Anyone have any suggestions of things to do, see, eat (especially if they're a little off the beaten path--I've read the guide books)? Thanks! XO

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • March 24, 2015


Lost_in_NYC March 25, 2015
In Amsterdam there is a Sandeman's free walking tour and they take the group around the city and introduce you some interesting and offbeat culture/history. Its a fun activity!

Definitely rent bikes and just ride around the city and breeze thru Vondel Park.
Pegeen March 24, 2015
For Amsterdam: Apple Cake
barcelona March 24, 2015
Also really important: In Antwerp you must must must go to the little bakery 'Goossens' (Also in the neighbourhood 'Wilde zee') They have amazing breads (try the chocolate one or on friday the Van dyck with apples) or one of the danish. The best!
barcelona March 24, 2015
Ah and in Antwerp you should go to the neighbourhood the Wilde zee. There you should go for lunch at Lombardia (try the ginger tea that Starbucks wanted to buy but the owner refused :-)). And go for a authentic Brussel Waffle to desiree de lille.
In amsterdam you should visit the Albert Cuyp market and have lunch at The butcher ( The Anna Frank house is also a must but go on time because there is always a long queue.
In Bruges (or Antwerp) you should definitely get some chocolates at the chocolate line ( ) . You can buy the best chocolates there from the chocolatier that was voted the best in the world and who works together with Pierre Hermé.
barcelona March 24, 2015
I live in antwerp and I would definitely would say that roji is my favourite place ever for diner. In Amsterdam kinnaree, the best thai food in Europe
aargersi March 24, 2015
We ate at De Kas in Amsterdam several years ago and it was pretty amazing:
drbabs March 24, 2015
Thanks, it's on the list!
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