How far ahead of serving can I make an olive oil based vinaigrette and let sit out on counter? Would obviously then refrigerate at night.



mvangraaf March 26, 2015
Equal amounts balsamic and sherry vinegars. Olive oil and a bit of honey.
Stephanie G. March 26, 2015
Just out of curiosity, what are the ingredients to your vinaigrette? Is it a simple French vinaigrette or are there any embellishments?
amysarah March 26, 2015
I typically make more than I need, often earlier in the day. It sits on the counter for hours until dinner. What's left goes in the fridge for the next few days - take out ahead to return to room temp before using. I like storing it in a jar and simply giving it a vigorous shake to recombine - easy and works well, no clean up.
mvangraaf March 26, 2015
Thanks! For some reason I've been under the impression that ALL vinaigrettes MUST be refrigerated.....all the time. I dislike what happens to the structure of the vinaigrette when it constantly comes to room temp then congeals then comes to room temp again and again.
Patricia March 26, 2015
Check Patricia Wells' basic vinaigrette recipe. She says you can leave it on the counter for a week. Which I've done successfully. It's just oil, two vinegars and salt ( I've added a pinch of sugar.)
mvangraaf March 26, 2015
Thanks much!!!!!
Pegeen March 26, 2015
An olive-oil based vinaigrette could be made two days ahead, assuming NO EGGS and then sit out on the counter for a day or two. (You'll need to whisk it with a fork each time before using.) Cover the dressing container with a piece of paper towel or plastic wrap, to keep out dust or other contaminants. If the dressing includes garlic, it could begin to taste very garlicky if the cloves are marinating in the dressing for a few days. You might want to wait until about 8 hours before serving to add the garlic cloves, then remove them at some point after that.
CanadaDan March 26, 2015
I make vinagrettes well ahead of time and leave out on the counter. all the ingredients dont need to be refrigerated anyway so combined should be okay for a day, just make sure you emulsify well or use some dijon to help it along so it doesn't separate on you
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