Does anyone recognize this cookie?

My sister and I are creating a family cookbook. Her sister-in-law is trying to reconstruct a cookie recipe from her grandmother that's been lost to time. She grew up in Michigan, and thinks they may have been a regional thing. Her description: They were a sugar cookie about 3.5 inches across , we think, with a ruffled edge and really thick - at least 1/4 inch and I want to say 3/8. There must have been brown sugar or a touch of molasses in them, because they were not pure white. Always only one fat raisin in the middle. Not as crumbly as shortbread. Probably a little bit of spice. There are rolled, cut, spice cookie recipes out there (e.g.. King Arthur), even some with scalloped edge (like Moravian cookies) but these were a very light brown color and NOT delicate. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Thanks.



Posie (. March 31, 2015
Try either of these? From an old women's club cookbook: or this
Liza's K. March 31, 2015
Could it have been something like this, but perhaps she subbed out some brown sugar for the white?
sweetlolo March 31, 2015
Thanks for this. It definitely looks/sounds a lot like what she's described. I've sent it along so she can let me know if it looks like what she remembers.
Nancy March 31, 2015
No, but/and here's a detecting suggestion: family members in Michigan (now or on visits) should look through local cookbooks, esp fundraisers Luke church group, junior league, 4H. Failing that, write to food ed at local papers.
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