How to salvage dry cookies

Made Alton Brown's Chocapocalypse Cookie: but used half the brown sugar and the cookie batter while tasted good before refridgerating, was quite hard to scoop and cookies came out extremely dry. can I add whipped egg whites to batter once soft again? they are christmas gifts

  • Posted by: shahira
  • December 14, 2014


foofaraw December 16, 2014

*While not answering the current question, this might be useful for the future: The way I reduce sugar while keeping the moistness during baking is to add more molasses and way less white sugar (using white is easier to control), keeping the molasses content *almost* the same with the original one.
E.g.: 2/3-ing 1 cup dark brown sugar (which has 1/4 cup=4tbps molasses == 2/3 cup of total sugar, or ~10 2/3 tbsp == ~3 2/3 (or 3 1/2) tbps molasses + 7 tbsp sugar.
Note that that I didn't add the full amount of brown sugar to compensate for the reduce in total volume.
drbabs December 15, 2014
I like Sam's idea, too. Egg whites are drying so adding extra will only make the cookies dryer. (You'd be better off adding butter.) Also, I'm sure you reduced the sugar with the best of intentions, but brown sugar also adds moistness. It happens. ( I just made a big batch of bark in which the caramel didn't set up properly. ) Since they're for gifts, it would be best to try another recipe (and follow it exactly).
boulangere December 15, 2014
So sorry, but without seeing all the ingredients, I can't honest help. In truth, I've not always found his recipes to work all that well. His caramel recipe is worthless. Crystallizes every time.
jilhil December 14, 2014
Did you accidentally use too much flour? The recipe I looked at called for one and three quarter Ounces of flour - if you misread that as cups that could be the problem. To answer your question, no, I don't think adding whipped egg whites will help. I like Sam's idea of making crumbs - I bet bourbon balls made with the crumbs would be great.
Sam1148 December 14, 2014
Throw them in a food processor and use as a crust for a chocolate mint cheese cake.

Then make some fudge or rice krispy treats for the gifts. :)
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