We are on the 11th floor of your building & we are so hungry

Our mommies forgot to pack our lunches this morning!! We've been living off of Easy Mac and Pringles. It's devastating. Do you have any leftovers that we can snack on? The 8th floor smells so good. Thanks!

-You friends at Jetaport

  • Posted by: Adam
  • March 31, 2015


Bunnee B. April 4, 2015
I want to know where to find the almond cake recipe. Anything worth 5 pounds of gummy bears has to be outstanding.
aargersi April 1, 2015
The Food52 Feed Our Friends food bank!!!

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Fat T. April 1, 2015
Please provide a list of companies that work in that building so I know where to start sending resumes.
Sarah J. March 31, 2015
We have cream puffs.
Adam March 31, 2015
Wow. You just saved the day and possibly the entire week. The cream puffs were outstanding, but that almond cake...holy moly. Unreal. We'll swap a 5lb bag of gummy bears for that slice of heaven any day of the week. Thanks Sarah + Food52!!!
QueenSashy March 31, 2015
Adam/Jetaport -- you have unfair advantage... How about us, the poor souls (and stomachs) a couple of blocks down south??? :)
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