Cookie, snack, cake ideas for a bake sale

I am taking part into a bake sale at work to raise money for a cause and going through ideas for snacks and cookies and cakes that I can prepare for the day. Both sweet and savory ideas welcome, keeping in mind that they need to be easy to transport and easy to cut/share :)

Jona @AssortedBites


Wendy F. April 28, 2016
Some other ideas are Monster cookies with the smarties, cake pops, Kitkat bars, Fun Frosted sugar cookie bars, any kind of lemon bars (always popular) and upgrade your Rice Krispie bars to caramel stuffed ones (YUM!!) Lots of these recipes on Pinterest.
caninechef April 27, 2016
Has anyone ever tried trail mix or Chex mix at a bake sale? I am more a salty snack versus sweet snack person so I was just wondering.
Jona @. April 27, 2016
Wow, so many cool ideas! Thank you guys :)

I am considering brownies, muffins or banana bread. Cookies are always welcome, and yes, it is true that smaller cookies tend to be better than large cookies at this events. I haven't thought of savory pies, maybe cause I have never actually made one. Would be an interesting ( hopefully mess free) experiment. For the last bake sale I tried making the Caccio e Peppe biscuits from here an they turned out pretty good.

@HalfPint I am loving the idea of rice krispie treats and those mocha cookies look so suitable for my coworkers, as they always like stuff with coffee :)

I have time until tomorrow to start the baking marathon, so keep the ideas coming :)
Bigtorah April 26, 2016
Easiest ever, low cost, can sell for as much as $2 per piece. Dip large pretzels into white and dark chocolate and add sprinkles and other designs. You can die the white chocolate different colors and put different types of sprinkles on. Takes almost no time. Melt the chocolate in the microwave 15 seconds at a time. Dip in chocolate, spin, dip in sprinkles, stand to dry.
Jona @. April 27, 2016
Hey Ben, what a nice trick! I actually really like experimenting with chocolate and sprinkles :)
FavourFlavour April 26, 2016
I agree that bars and brownies/blondies tend to sell well, as do slices of quick breads. Bags of 3 small cookies sometimes are more appealing than one large cookie, especially if children are at the bake sale. I have also had success with "trays" - a plate with a dozen cookies or cupcakes that people can buy to take home or back to the office, depending on where/when you are selling.
Garlic F. April 26, 2016
Let's see what else to add to all the excellent suggestions:

Scones! They can be both savory or sweet.

I have also seen various homemade breads at bake sales, sold by the loaf, or buns, or rolls. I have also seen mini pies, mini loaves of quick breads (banana, pumpkin spice etc).
Stephanie G. April 26, 2016
You can never go wrong with banana bread or any quick bread for that matter. Muffins do well too. If time allows, everyone loves homemade yeast breads such as challah or cinnamon rolls. For that matter, a simple loaf of white sandwich bread is a real treat for today's busy lifestyle.
HalfPint April 26, 2016
Here's what was extremely popular for the charity bake sales at my company:

1. Whoopie Pies, chocolate w/ creamy vanilla filling
2. Hot Chocolate on a Stick, lots of recipes online
3. Rice Krispie Treats
4. Madeleines
5. Cafe Mocha Cookies,

These were the items that people raved about.
Nadine April 26, 2016
My go to recipe when it comes to something easy to make, transport and share is a chocolate brownie. You can experiment with flavours by adding orange or lime zest, or strawberries, or chocolate chips.

There are always chocolate truffles. They are probably the easyest to make and they taste amazing.

I think Mini pies with chicken or vegetables are also an option.
BerryBaby April 26, 2016
Mini cupcakes! People love the tiny cupcakes and I'd bet you'd sell a lot of them. Easy to make and transport. Good luck! Sounds like fun.
ktr April 26, 2016
Chocolate chip bars and brownies always go over well.
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