Sometimes I boil eggs and the shell is peeled really easily and sometimes the shell sticks to the egg and it is impossible to peel. I've tried boiling fo


campagnes December 30, 2010
Yep, it's a freshness issue. I once catered an event and the hostess asked for deviled eggs; I forgot to buy them ahead of time to let them un-freshen for awhile before boiling, and I went through three dozen eggs hoping to have gotten some that were old enough to peel well.. no dice. I had to refund money to the hostess, and I had lots of egg salad that week. :)
anyone December 30, 2010
Have you tried shcoking in cold water after boiling? I never have this problem and in addition to boiling for 8 min I shock in cold water.
hardlikearmour December 30, 2010
Fresher eggs will be harder to peel. In the food pickle search bar type "boil egg", and you will find a really good thread on the topic.
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