Can cake batter be refridgerated overnight before baking?



PieceOfLayerCake April 10, 2015
It does depend. Your cake will almost always rise, but with certain recipes the quality will be compromised. I find its safe to keep oil based cakes (carrot, red velvet, certain chocolates) overnight and often find the texture improves with a bit of a rest. Sponge cakes are almost always invariably damaged by too long of a rest since they use egg foams to rise. I also don't like to leave butter cakes to rest too long, although you can. Just personal preference. Genoise and chiffon must ALWAYS be baked immediately. Hope that's not too confusing.
Shuna L. April 9, 2015
Most cake batters can last up to 3 days in the fridge before baking. Some cake batters can even be baked after spending 7-10 days in the fridge. The only way to tell if your batter will bake after a few days in the fridge is to do a test. Some cakes dome less after batter has been chilled, which can be great for decorating!
boulangere April 2, 2015
As long as the batter is prepared with baking powder, yes. That is the benefit of "double acting." One of its acids is activated (creates carbon dioxide) in the presence of water (even that in milk), and the other in the presence of heat.
CatalunaLilith April 2, 2015
if it's double acting baking powder (most commercially available baking power is) than you can still get a rise from the second action when heat is applied. But you'll still lose some of the volume and crumb that would normally come from the first rise.

Which depending on the recipe you're following might be a good thing. But it is a thing, and if you've made the recipe before and want the same results, this would definitely change it
CatalunaLilith April 1, 2015
It depends on the batter. Usually no, since the gas bubbles from the baking soda/baking powder coming into contact with the water will raise out of the batter after a couple hours, so the cake won't raise as high, but will be very dense and low. You can however bake the cakes the day before, and ice/decorate them the next day

If it's a yeast leavened cake then yes, as long you you don't let it rest a room temperature as long as you normally would
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