If chicken cutlets have been in fridge for 5 days and smell a little are they ok to use?

Rikki Kaplan


Rikki K. April 8, 2015
Thanks for the storing tip/ I will definitely try that
LeBec F. April 8, 2015
p.s. rikki, next time you buy cutlets and don't cook them that day, I would suggest you take them out of their store package, rinse, dry, and salt them a bit on both sides; put in a sealed container and store them in the bottom rear corner of your frig (the coldest spot). This will give you a much better shelflife (for all meats, poultry, seafood) so more wiggle room with when you cook them. And always smell them before use.
LeBec F. April 8, 2015
After agreeing with all the responses below, i just want to add that , over the years, I have taken many chances with 'conventional food safety wisdom' but I do NOT mess with chicken. Waaaay too scary!
ChefJune April 6, 2015
If you have to ask, the answer is "no!"
Meaghan F. April 6, 2015
Great food safety mantra.
drbabs April 6, 2015
Bea April 6, 2015
Never, why risk it.
JanaVee April 6, 2015
When in doubt, throw it out.
Chef L. April 6, 2015
The nose knows! Toss it!
jstew52 April 5, 2015
Sure, if you love your bathroom!
aargersi April 5, 2015
NO! Don't eat them! Trash!

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boulangere April 5, 2015
Whether the smell a little or a lot, if they smell at all, I'd suggest tossing them.
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