i bought lovely grass fed, organic stewing beef on sale. my family is sick of stews right now. what else can i make?



Healthline April 14, 2015
Slow Cooker Beef with Noodles is an easy, weeknight meal. And because it's served with noodles, it's a great alternative to a traditional beef stew. http://www.healthline.com/health-recipes/slow-cooker-beef-noodles
nutcakes April 14, 2015
Taco or enchilada meat - put in crockpot (or low oven in a covered heavy pot) with beef or chicken broth or even water will be fine, some seasoning like taco seasoning, or a combination of pure chile powder, cumin and oregano--and a couple Tbsp of tomato paste or cup of tomato sauce. Or you could use commercial salsa to almost cover. Braise several hours until it can be shredded and mixed with some of the liquid.

Carbonade Flamande - Belgian beef stew with onion and beer. Yes it is a stew but a different flavor profile.

Come to think of it, you may find stews of a different flavor in the contest. There is even a coconut milk based one. Just don't call it stew and they will be fooled.
canoetrip April 14, 2015
that sounds great! so many good ideas! thank you Food52'ers!!
PieceOfLayerCake April 10, 2015
Neapolitan ragù! I make a tomato sauce (fire roasted) and braise the meat in the sauce for 3.5 - 4 hours. You can then pull it out, tear it apart and add it back in. I've never been a huge fan of ground beef, so this is how I make a meat sauce.
canoetrip April 14, 2015
love it! thank you!
Stephanie April 10, 2015
I agree with all of the answers (and now want beef for dinner!) I'd also throw in American style barbacoa. Chiles, garlic, Mexican oregano, adobo sauce, and a bit of broth in a slow cooker all day. It's easy, delicious, and can be served a variety of ways (rice, tortillas, etc.)
canoetrip April 10, 2015
Fantastic! Thank you!
lapadia April 9, 2015
Another idea = Beef Tacquitos recipe on site: https://food52.com/recipes/17547-beef-taquitos

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canoetrip April 9, 2015
looks great! thank you!
boulangere April 8, 2015
I love the kabob idea, too. Marinate the meat overnight in some red wine, olive oil, garlic, fresh sprigs of thyme and/or rosemary, and some honey (marinades typically contain some sort of sweetener, as "wet" meats tend not to caramelize well without some help). Skewer them with some mushroom caps, chunks of red or orange bell pepper, some scallions, and grill them up. Serve them over a nice rice pilaf, and you're about as far away from stew as you can get. And kids love food on sticks. Depending on how old they are, they would probably love helping to to make the kabobs. While they are skewering away, you might explain that the word "kebob" (or kebab) came into British English via India, meaning to roast or grill food on a skewer. If they don't know where India is, you can pull out a globe or an atlas, and pretty soon, they've done most of the work of dinner for you.
canoetrip April 9, 2015
wonderful idea. they are older (teens) but love cooking (most of the time) so this is a great one for us to make together. thank you!!
Maedl April 8, 2015
Beef tagines might be another solution. Beef is braised with vegetables and spices and served with some sort of flat bread. Paula Wolfert is a great source, but you can find recipes all over the web.
canoetrip April 9, 2015
Researching Paula Wolfert now... thank you!
Maedl April 9, 2015
Another possibility is a beef-rhubarb khoresh--this is a Persian/Iranian braise in which the rhubarb melts into the meat--it is really good and seasonal now!
Maedl April 14, 2015
Yet another idea: beef rendang from Indonesia.
Julie April 8, 2015
Cut the meat into quarter size pieces. Rub with a little cumin, allspice, ground chili, garlic, soy sauce, sherry and marinate overnight. Skewer then grill. Put in a grilled flour tortilla slathered with hummus and top with some pickled red onions (sliced red onion, red wine vinegar, s&p marinate 15 min)
canoetrip April 9, 2015
sounds great!! thank you!
aargersi April 8, 2015
carne guisada - while technically a Mexican stew, it has a different flavor profile. I jump off from The Homesick Texan's version:


Also I think if you gave it a good marinade with some papaya or citrus or something tenderizing-ish in it, you could skewer and grill it.
canoetrip April 8, 2015
Wicked suggestion! I will try it!! thanks everyone for your help! btw, loving Food52 - just found it and my life is forever better :)
canoetrip April 8, 2015
Thanks for the suggestions - the taco idea sounds great and would def be a hit!
caninechef April 8, 2015
Some Chili recipes use chunked meat instead of ground. Sorry I don't have one to provide.
canoetrip April 8, 2015
great idea! thank you!
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 8, 2015
You could freeze the meat.
canoetrip April 8, 2015
Thank you for your suggestion - I have done just that :)... But I bought quite a few packages and it's taking up room in my freezer so thought I would try to cook something non-stew related. Do you have a favorite non-stew dish?
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 8, 2015
Hmm, stewing meat is best when , well - stewed. Long braises, slow cooker so let me think about it. Maybe cook it long so its shredded for taco or meatballs?
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