How can I make beef stew that is gluten free (need substitute for the flour) and what can I substitute for the mushrooms?


Lori T. December 8, 2022
You really don't need flour to make stew. You can substitute another starch, like corn starch- which would be gluten free- or skip the dredging step completely and simply brown the meat deeply to get the benefits of color and "bits". You could get additional coloration from deeply browning sliced onions, to get the caramel color and sweet notes from them. They generally will disappear in long cooking, if anyone has an onion objection. Mushrooms are also not a necessary addition, and usually are adding to stretch the meat out, without anyone missing out. So you could just up the total amount of meat cubes, add more veggies, or add in chestnuts at the end to help add interest.
Nancy December 8, 2022
For the flour - starch from potato, corn, tapioca, arrowroot.
For the mushrooms - any vegetable in season and you like (suggestions - eggplant, artichoke hearts, zucchini, winter squash). Or just more of a vegetable already in the recipe.
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