Can make chopped beef in my food processor for hamburgers

Want to chop beef for burger from stew beef



Picholine March 15, 2016
Thanks so much everyone! It worked out well! Best people here!
Susan W. March 15, 2016
Before I became lazy, I went through a phase of chopping my own beef for burgers. I used Chuck because of the good fat content. I always shot for a 20% fat to lean which was a visual guess on my part. I cut it into even pieces, pulsed it to what looked like a good texture. I ended up with delicious and juicy burgers.

I think I'd avoid what is labeled as "beef stew" meat. It's often extremely lean and may make a dry burger.

Do take a look at the link CV provided. Kenji is a wealth of information.
702551 March 15, 2016
Here's an article from Kenji at Serious Eats:

in which he covers pre-ground, meat grinder, food processor, and hand-chopped options. Unsurprising, he selects the hand-chopped beef as the best result although it requires significant time/effort.

Starting with the proper cut of beef is essential, typically chuck is considered the best cut for making ground beef. I don't know what cut your butcher is labeling as stew beef so you'll have to assess that yourself.

Good luck.
HalfPint March 15, 2016
Yes, just don't process too much. I do short quick pulses until you get it to the texture that you want for hamburgers. For safety, keep the meat chilled as much as possible. Another reason, you don't want to overdo the processing. The Kitchn had an article on grinding your own hamburger.
ChefJune March 15, 2016
That should be quite easy to do. Make sure your cubes are the same size so they will chop evenly. And use the pulse method with your metal blade. If you turn the processor on and let it run, you're likely to end up with meat juice. Pulsing gives you complete control, so you can chop it until it is as finely chopped as you like.
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