Restaurant recommendations in NYC with some specific parameters.

OK New Yorkers, do what you do best. I will be there this spring and have meals I must plan with some specific food and geographic restrictions. #1 - Dinner for 4, one is vegan, 2 adventurous omnivores, one a more traditional diner, think chicken, beef in discernible presentations. Snooty or pretentious not OK, good wine list please. One diner is also hard of hearing, so something with some soft surfaces. It will be an expense account meal so should be nice but not embarrassingly expensive. Would prefer not on Upper or East or West sides. #2 - Have a client on the far west side we need to take to lunch, think over by Javits, I expect we will have to get in a cab, would prefer to head south in that cab. Should be a sit down restaurant not a market stall. Again, one vegan. #3 - Another lunch this time in the location of 45th and Madison, open to heading north for this one. One diner likes interesting craft beers, one vegan, two omnivores, one hearing impaired.


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bigpan April 10, 2015
A good four-five star hotel chef will cater to all your needs.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 10, 2015
I used to take clients to ABC Kitchen? (W.18th)
ChefJune April 10, 2015
These days there are many restaurants in Manhattan that can accommodate those varied needs. Between 5th and 6th on 44th Street is the excellent-but-still-under-the-radar Triomphe in the Iroquois Hotel. Have lunched there with a group that included a Vegan and a Kosher diner with great and delicious success. I highly recommend it.
Other Manhattan places I'd recommend with your group include Barbuto, Tocqueville, Tribeca Grill. All are south of midtown.
Blue Hill (in the Village) would also meet your needs.
Lost_in_NYC April 10, 2015
That is a mighty tall order for a diverse group of dinners. Firstly, have you tried doing a Yelp search for some your restrictions? There are tons of Vegan restaurants in the city and if you call some restaurants ahead and ask if they have vegan options I'm sure they can accommodate or provide some options for the sit-down meals.

Without knowing what type of cuisines are/are not acceptable, its hard to give you proper suggestions in your already strict requirements. Yelp is a great starting point and New Yorkers are not shy about their culinary reviews of all the high-brow to low-end places.
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