bourbon in snack or appetizer?

Food52ers, what do you have suitable to serve at a meeting a home, using bourbon? yes for example to nuts spreads sweet or savory, but no meat this time.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • April 12, 2015


Nancy April 15, 2015
SexyLambChopx - hard to decide, but I'm favoring the stuffed dates, compound butter or pecan cheese roll...all with bourbon. Will work through the others over time.
Nancy April 13, 2015
Thanks all - amysarah the chutney/bleu cheese nexus sounds good. meaghanF - yes, bourbon nuts caramel. How do toy infuse sugar with bourbon? Is it dry or wet after infusion? Sexylambchpox - tipsy corn & stuffed dates both sound good. rt21 - pie is classic. LeBecFin - both compound butter & bourbon stuffed gougere sound good; your taste imagination is working fine.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 13, 2015
good luck Nancy & let us know what you made.
Meaghan F. April 13, 2015
For infused sugar: Try a ratio of 1c raw/Demerara sugar to 1.5-2tbsp bourbon. Put the sugar in a jar and add the bourbon bit by bit, shaking or stirring constantly (consider a vanilla bean or a few drops of extract too). Then store the jar in a cool dry place for up to 2 months or so. For best results, wait at least a couple days before using. The finished product will be dry and crumbly.
Nancy April 13, 2015
MeaghanF - thanks for directions. Bourbon sugar sounds good for home use & even as hostess gift.
Meaghan F. April 13, 2015
LOL made a mental note today to whip up a batch for myself. :)
LeBec F. April 13, 2015
p.s. nancy, i was thinking about amysarah's ideas. What about processing cheeses w/ bourbon and making some form, and then rolling that in chopped toasted pecans?
Here's one recipe:

It could be neat to make something unexpected out of the 'ordinary.' What if you made a batch of gougeres and stuffed them with marble-sized pecan bourbon cheese balls?

(Apologies if any of these ideas are gross; I've actually never drunk bourbon except in my dad's holiday milk punch! long ago and far away...)
LeBec F. April 13, 2015
nancy, i'm wondering about 2 bacon wrapped hot/room temp hors d'oeuvre:

i'm thinking you could glaze either of the bacons with bourbon before baking the bacon and then wrapping it.... Or maybe the bourbon
could get added to melted butter that you could use to baste the sweet potato wedges before you roast them.
rt21 April 12, 2015
What about a bourbon pecan pie !
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 12, 2015
Tipsy Maple Corn (on the site) or Stuffed Dates with Mascarpone and Nuts. Both recipes on this site. Best part - make-ahead!
Meaghan F. April 12, 2015
On the sweet side, bourbon plays well with nuts and caramel in particular, and can be added to many existing cake and cookie recipes. Bourbon-spiked blondies would be easily served to a group, as would salted bourbon caramels. If you're planning on serving coffee, you could infuse some sugar with bourbon as an add-in. On the savory side, though, other than nut mix I'm pretty much drawing a blank... No idea if this would work, but maybe incorporate bourbon into a compound butter served with a flavorful whole or multigrain bread?
amysarah April 12, 2015
Bourbon goes well with Stilton, Gorgonzola, etc., which in turn are lovely served with a fruit jam/chutney. You could spike a pear, peach or quince jam with bourbon, and serve it with a blue cheese on crostini or crackers. Or in little phyllo cups. Just a thought.
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