Q about cut ham shanks: I like to make bean soups and other bean dishes with nice, meaty ham shanks that weigh over a pound. I have the butcher saw them into three or four pieces. Should I blanche and rinse the cut pieces before using in my soups, etc.? Thank you. ;o)



KarenLyons January 1, 2011
I wouldn't blanche them - just put them in the pot and wait for the deliciousness! Give 'em a rinse under the faucet before using.
pierino December 31, 2010
The stock you are building should take care of the blanching by its own self, Blanche. And all that delicious smokiness goes into your beans. And don't forget, Mardi Gras is coming soon...
anyone December 31, 2010
In reading this question it makes me wonder what your concern is pertaining to the cut shanks. Are they smoked? I have never blanched ham shanks before use. Usually I want them to impart as much flavor as possible and would worry that blanching would delute the full flavor. Do they have bone dust or particles from cutting? If they do a basting brush could brush them off and then a quick rinse under the tap would suffice. But, if they are smoked ( the only way I've seem them) and you don't care for too much smoke flavor then blanching might help.
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