Lightest most delicate filling for chicken pot pie

I'm just putting together now and in a rush. I am making a pie for someone who does not like gravy and has not liked a thick filling in the past. I have homemade broth. Should I just use cornstarch instead of flour? I don't have any other thickeners.



Nancy April 21, 2015
Pegeen - agreed. Was just about to suggest broth-only and lots of veg.
Pegeen April 21, 2015
Sounds like your dinner has come and gone, but next time this might be a good alternative to pot pies. Chicken Parmentier by Dorie Greenspan (from her column in The Washington Post newspaper)

It uses only a cooked-down broth for thickening and sweet potatoes instead of a pastry crust. So it’s more like a shepherd’s pie, with chicken, sausage, vegetables, spices. And then the sweet potatoes on top. (You could sub pastry or puff pastry on top.) Can be baked in individual dishes or in a casserole.
Posie (. April 20, 2015
Do you have yogurt on hand? If so, I'd suggest cooking the vegetables in that and using flour, but also stirring in yogurt and herbs which would make it taste lighter with some tang -- less likely to taste heavy and gravy-like.
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