Chicken pot pie: add flour to all ingredients prior to adding broth or make the broth sauce first?

I failed to read the directions for chicken pot pie correctly and in effort to fix it, I added more butter(1tbspn) and 1/3cup of flour to the chicken, peas, and onions. Then I mixed the flour all around and added the chicken broth stirring constantly. This made a nice thick sauce and then I added the milk a little at a time mixing constantly. The filling looked really think and delicious! However my husband and I are arguing about how this changes the outcome of the pot pie! He claims that my mistake will make the pie watery and destroy the pie crust at the bottom. I argued that regardless or order, the main point is to obtain a thickened sauce (which I did). I compared my method to stroganoff and his to prepping a white sauce before making macaroni and cheese. Who is right?! I can give a status update in 1 hour on our pie!

  • Posted by: Lisa
  • January 8, 2017


Lisa January 9, 2017
Hi all! Update is here... sorry for the late reply! The chicken pot pie came out great! My husband made the crust so he was helping me the whole time. He liked it so much that he apologized and did all the dishes! He thinks he's Christopher Kimball (Cooks magazine fans) from time to time. We decided that next time things will be even better if I just followed the original directions but my recovery skills were pretty good!
Lindsay-Jean H. January 9, 2017
So happy to hear that it turned out well!
Nancy January 9, 2017
Oh's several hours later, more than the one hour when you promised the status update...was there a good meal had by all, an inconclusive result or other? What's happened?
creamtea January 8, 2017
Is it done yet???
lynne January 8, 2017
Also the proof is in the end result!!!
lynne January 8, 2017
Have him cook next time and compare results!!! Those who don't cook and only offer critizism need to to be tied over the stove to prove their point!!!
Lindsay-Jean H. January 8, 2017
I'm not jumping in the middle of the debate, but we do need the status update please!
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