I have a bottle of coffee extract. Any ideas for what to do with it? Any googling I do gives me recipes for the extract, not things to make with it?



spiffypaws January 1, 2011
Coffee buttercream icing on chocolate cake, that's what I do with it! Also, as others have written, a dash of coffee extract will really enhance the flavor of chocolate.
drbabs January 1, 2011
How about a version of cafe au lait? Scald some milk and flavor it to taste with the extract and some raw sugar.
vvvanessa December 31, 2010
use a splash in your favorite brownie recipe.
lifestooshort December 31, 2010
How about using it to make coffee-flavored whipped cream, to put on top of a moist chocolate cake, or maybe even an Irish coffee?
lorraine June 12, 2019
Sounds good 😄 Irish Coffee
pierino December 31, 2010
Gelato or ice cream comes to mind.
nutcakes December 31, 2010
You can use it in drinks and milk shakes ad frappes. You can use it to make coffee or iced coffee. A tiny bit would enhance chocolate recipes, like cake, brownies, custard tart. You could make coffee or mocha icing for it too. Here's one. With careful googling you can find more. I'll look later.

If this recipe is really from Cafe Annie it should be very good.
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