Has anyone ever folded crushed coffee beans into toffee instead of nuts? Google seems to think it's okay, but I haven't seen an actual recipe. I love making toffee and I work for a coffee company, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before this occurred to me.



beyondcelery December 10, 2010
Success! It's delicious. I posted the recipe on my profile if any of you are interested. Thanks for the tips.
sweetlolo December 10, 2010
I sell a coffee/almond/chocolate brittle that's a big hit (and is stocked by one of our local coffee shops). Just don't crush the coffee beans too fine or you'll end up with a gritty texture. I just do a coarse chop.
nutcakes December 9, 2010
I guess I am one of the few who can't stand sweet combined with coffee! But I LOVE toffee.
iuzzini December 9, 2010
Mmmm I would love to try this as well!! What a fun idea!
beyondcelery December 9, 2010
Verdigris: if it turns out delicious, I'll post the recipe!
Verdigris December 9, 2010
This sounds delightful!
beyondcelery December 9, 2010
Thanks for the tip! Sounds like this is what I'll be playing with tomorrow.
jay_furr December 9, 2010
It worked fine the last time we tried it. In order to keep the coffee bits from continuing to fragment into powder as they were mixed in, though, we tried freezing them after crushing and that seemed to work well.
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