How do I make coffee extract for baking?

  • Posted by: Nate50
  • January 26, 2014


HalfPint January 29, 2014
I would take some good quality roasted coffee beans (whole), ~1/4 cup or more, add about 1cup of vodka (cheap but drinkable works best here) in a jar. Cover with lid and leave to infuse for at least a week. Then use like vanilla extract in baking. You are basically making a coffee liqueur without all the sugar.
kimhw January 27, 2014
I just use kahlua or another coffee liquor.
LeBec F. January 28, 2014
the thing about kahlua/liquer is that it contains sugar, and alcohol, is comparatively very expensive, and it is not a strong coffee flavor at all.
kimhw February 5, 2014
I make my own kahlua with espresso. It's very strong in flavor. And lighter on sugar. I actually use brown sugar so it's toasty and tasty.

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LeBec F. January 26, 2014
i LOVE coffee flavor in sweets of all kinds. By itself or as an agent that cuts the sweetness and deepens the flavor of chocolate....
I use Medaglia d'Oro instant espresso powder. Comes in small jars and lasts forever but i use it up pretty quickly. You WILL have to experiment w/ quantities. i usually dissolve it in a tiny bit of very hot or boiling water. Just before my dough or batter or custard is ready to be cooked/baked,I will add in a small amount of the dissolved coffee,taste the product, and if i want more coffee flavor, i add it til i'm happy w/ it. VERY IMPORTANT to make a note on the recipe for how much instant coffee you used so you can use that for this and other future recipes!
p.s. i have never used coffee extract and have never felt it was useful.
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