Why do my beautiful Sicilian white cookies taste unpalatable bitter?

Flavored with anise, lemon zest and vanilla. They taste good on first bite but leave a very bitter after taste.

  • Posted by: Susan
  • December 19, 2017
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Em December 20, 2017
One of your dry ingredients may have spoiled. Or, maybe you added too much baking soda/powder, which is bitter. That's a shame, they ARE beautiful....
Susan December 20, 2017
Would cream of tartar make them bitter? It was called for as an ingredient. I’ve only ever used it when whipping egg whites.
kim December 19, 2017
How much lemon zest does it call for? Did you get the pith in the zest? That can sometimes be bitter.
Susan December 20, 2017
I thought if that but I tried to be careful about that. Would too much anise extract make it bitter?
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