Jamie Oliver's Chicken In Milk

I've made this dish 3 times. I've played around with it as far as lid on, lid off etc. and have it down. Here's my question. I'm ending up with more lemon juice frozen than I can use. I'm wondering if I could use zest from one lemon and about a TBS of juice to 3 cups of milk. Will this ruin the sauce by causing it to split too much or become too sour? I could also just use zest from one lemon and put the rest of the lemon in the cavity. Thoughts? I love this chicken and don't want to spoil the sauce.

Susan W


Susan W. May 2, 2015
Well, I took the plunge. I used 3 cups of milk (I wanted lots of the sauce), zest from 1 lemon, juice from 1/2 of the lemon and I put the other half lemon in the cavity. The sauce more than just split. Very chunky, so I reduced it a bit and buzzed it with my immersion blender. FABULOUS!!

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paseo May 3, 2015
I am so glad it worked - I like what the juice brings to the taste and texture of the meat, but I admit it looks like baby barf. Same thing happens to Marcella's pork cooked in milk - also wonderful. My immersion blender is a best friend in the kitchen.
Susan W. May 3, 2015
I agree..my immersion blender is my favorite kitchen tool. Now that I own one, I rarely use my regular blender or my cuisinart. I need to try the pork in milk.
cookbookchick May 1, 2015
Time to make lemon meringue pie!
Susan W. May 1, 2015
Lol. I knew someone would start suggesting desserts. I rarely eat sweets. The amount of lemon I end up with is perfect for different savory dishes, but Jamie's chicken has increased my supply. I found a variation that uses zest and juice, so I'm going to give it a whirl.
paseo May 1, 2015
I have made this with zest and less juice since I like what zest brings to the recipe. If it splits (which mine does) I blitz it with a stick blender and it smooths out and looks much better.
Susan W. May 1, 2015
That's not my question though. I think it ONLY calls for zest. I want to use some lemon juice and zest. You normally use both? I love the split sauce and don't mind the appearance at all.
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