Jaime Oliver's chicken in milk - curdling?

I added lemon juice to the milk - not fresh, but jarred juice. When I went back to mix before throwing in the oven - there was a cottage cheese like something going on. It's in there now. Second time I'm making this - LOVED IT the first time, but I can't remember if this happened then or not. What do you all say? Thanks thanks



Stephanie December 10, 2015
Thanks, All! So - it was delicious again, but.. It was not nearly as sophisticated as the my first go with the recipe. I'm thinking I got it right that time and only put the zest. It was still good, but different and not as elegant in taste.
Susan W. December 9, 2015
The recipe calls for lemon peel, not lemon juice, so my guess is that you have an Uber curdle. Did you use lemon juice the first time as well? I've actually been tempted to add a little lemon juice, so do let us know how it turns out.
nancy E. December 10, 2015
This recipe always curdles with the lemon peel alone.
Susan W. December 10, 2015
I'm aware of that. I make it quite often. I was tempted to also use fresh lemon juice to add to the flavor not because I was looking for more curds.
amysarah December 9, 2015
Yes, it curdles - same as a traditional Italian pork roast braised in milk. Those curds are actually quite delicious! But if that texture doesn't appeal to you, you could remove the chicken and use a hand blender to puree the curds, I think.
Stephanie December 9, 2015
Thank you!!! I'm happy the curds then!!
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