I want to cut carbs out in the evening, what can I substitute them for?



healthierkitchen January 2, 2011
In addition to quinoa, sweet potatoes and lentils and beans provide a nice alternative.
Alixe&Lorenzo January 2, 2011
How about white beans pureed w rosemary, olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and lemon rind. It's a fantastic high protein dip that's filling with a low glycemic index. Serve w vegetables instead of crackers or bread.
POTATO January 1, 2011
Have you ever tried quinoa? It's considered a nutritional power house. 1 cup cooked has about 9 grams of protein in it. It belongs to the same leafy grain family as beets, spinach and swiss chard. You feel like your eating something like rice or pasta but it's nutritionally superior. I too avoid bread, rice, pasta and any other grains at night. I have found the best way is to focus on a protein and 2 vegetables. After a year of eating this way it has become second nature and I feel great! Good luck!
nutcakes January 1, 2011
Eat a lot of cauliflower. Use it in place of potato in soup and for mash. It is fantastic roasted if you haven't tried it--addictive. For desserts, you can flavor ricotta cheese with sugar substitute (try Truvia) and lemon zest and chill. Top with chopped pistashio nuts if you like. If you go a step further and make your own ricotta you will have a real treat.
chrissyb January 1, 2011
For a dessert-ish treat, try heavy cream and a Diet Rite. Yes, I know heavy cream has a lot of fat,but it tastes like a coke float. Eat lots of cheese and meats. Regular dressings have less carbs than fat free dressings.
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