Recipes on Instagram

I am following Food52 on Instagram. Can't forgive out how to find a recipe when it tells me to follow the link in the profile.

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lem M. May 9, 2015
actually, the link on the profile page used to lead to the recipe or article last mentioned on instagram, and now you’re directed to a sort of go-between website with an overview of the recent pictures leading to the related recipes. I never really had a problem with either.
but why don’t you just see for yourself by tapping that link?
Food O. May 9, 2015
So the link in the profile takes me to the website. Great. Thanks
Claire S. May 8, 2015
Instagram doesn't allow posting of links except the one in the bio that just takes you to the Food52 main page. From there you'll have to use the search feature to look up the individual recipe.
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