Not exactly a 'food'pickle, but pls tell me if its possible that when i post recipes, to insert a link of the gadget manufacturer?

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pauljoseph April 15, 2011
drbabs Example your Roast Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms and Artichoke Hearts recipe so easy to follow "Season chicken with salt and pepper on both sides. (If you can, do this early in the day and refrigerate them, covered loosely. This will help the skin crisp up. But it's totally optional.) When you get home, take the breasts out of the refrigerator. Heat oven to 375 "
drbabs April 15, 2011
Why thank you, pauljoseph. You made my day!
pauljoseph April 15, 2011
drbabs As an Indian your English is simple and very easy to understand thank you
drbabs April 14, 2011
If you copy the link and paste it into the body of the recipe, it will be readable but not linkable. (In other words, you have to copy and paste it into your browser to go to the link.)
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