Osso bucco reheating

Making Osso bucco today for the first time (on the stovetop). I was planning to serve it tomorrow night, but i am not quit sure how to reheat the meat? (I was planning to strain and reduce the sauce today).



boulangere May 14, 2015
I would suggest reheating it, covered, in a 250 degree oven so as to preserve the best qualities of its braise. And adding a little white wine before covering it would be a lovely idea.
PieceOfLayerCake May 14, 2015
I seem like I'm a little late, but you can always reheat slow-cooked meats in a 300F oven, strained from its liquid, wrapped tightly in foil. I do this often since dishes like this are nearly always better served a day or two later.
barcelona May 14, 2015
Not to late, I am going to make it tonight :). I will try your methode. Just hoping that the meat is tender because after stewing it for 3 hours it was falling from the bone but still not really tender
plainhomecook May 13, 2015
Agree with both posts below--low and slow is important or it may burn and stick. Add a little water if you need to.
ChefJune May 13, 2015
After it is well chilled, scape off the congealed fat. Then reheat gently. You can do that either on top the stove or in the oven - but definitely covered.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 13, 2015
Re-heat it slowly on the stove top in the braising liquid until warmed through.
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