I underbaked my cookies, now what?

I made a batch of snickerdoodles and got distracted and took them out of the over just a couple minutes early. I didn't notice that they were still a little doughy (read: raw) on the top until they were cooled and I was ready to put them away. They aren't too bad, as in they're edible. I just prefer my cookies a little less soft. Any tips on fixing? Oven was at 400 for baking.



Michelle May 15, 2020
I might be a little too late to help you but i ran into the same issue. Maybe just 1 minute undercooked.

I read somewhere that they would bump the temperature to 300 degrees, ONCE THE COOKIE HAS FULLY COOLED DOWN AND SET, and put anywhere between 10-15 minutes.

All the best luck xo.
PieceOfLayerCake May 16, 2015
First of all...the only time I ever bake a cookie at a high temperature such as 400F, is when I want a raw center. You could try putting them back in at 325F for a few minutes. Even though they're cool, they shouldn't color too much in order to firm up a bit.
Gabriella May 16, 2015
Thanks so much for the tip! This is the only cookie I think I've made that bakes at a high temperature and as delicious as they are getting them baked just the right amount is tricky since its a short window, but now maybe I'll try them at a lower temp next time and see if they cook more evenly!
Chef L. May 16, 2015
I suppose another alternative might be to whizz them in a processor for use as a topping. Just a thought.
Rachel November 11, 2019
Should I put anything with them when I process them to make them stick together?
Trena H. May 16, 2015
Perhaps some of our baking experts will weigh in soon, until then, I'd put them back in the oven to finish cooking.
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