Bread Baking Question - in the middle of making Vienna Bread

Using Peter Reinhart's "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" book and wonder if I can put the dough in the fridge after the 2 hour rise time (step 4 - Vienna Bread) and before dividing into loaves to rest again? If not, what will happen if it rises longer than 2 hours?



PieceOfLayerCake May 23, 2015
Depending on how long you want to keep the dough in the fridge you may just want to immediately chill it after mixing and skip the initial rise. The refrigerator doesn't stop the proofing process as much as it just slows it down. A longer rise will result in more flavor, however, too much yeast action may result in "too much" flavor and your bread will taste boozy when baked.

Not being familiar with the texture of the dough (i.e.: tight or slack) and its moisture content, I'm not entirely sure what you should do, but I would say, if you're planning on keeping the dough in the fridge overnight, skip the first rise and let it long proof in the fridge, then proceed with shaping and bench proofing. If you're keeping it in there for the afternoon, cut the initial rise to 1 hour and proceed. Make sense? For many bread bakers, proofing is so dependent on environment that time is rarely a defining factor, but I would err on the side of slight under-development than over-development. My humble opinion.
pianogirl May 23, 2015
this is very helpful ... thank you both for your help.
pianogirl May 28, 2015
Just wanted to circle back to say that my bread came out great! I need to perfect the pinching on the batard as my bread split open considerably but it was still beautiful and so tasty. Thanks again for the help!
Meaghan F. May 23, 2015
While I'm not familiar with that particular recipe, I've often read that putting dough in the fridge between the first and second rise is fine, and can even result in a more flavorful loaf.
pianogirl May 23, 2015
Thank you. Do you know what would happen if I left it to rise longer than 2 hours?
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