best 'cheap' mandoline slicer?

looking for a reasonably priced (willing to pay around $30-35) mandoline slicer to use for vegetables? I live alone and only cook in relatively small quantities, I'm wanting to use this for a faster, easier way to get thinly sliced veggies. thanks!

Emily Love


bigpan May 27, 2015
I've used my benriner for about 30-40 years. That makes it about 2cents a week !
Chocolate B. May 27, 2015
Speaking as one who has cut off the tip of her thumb using a mandoline (Oxo, but entirely my fault, not Oxo's), might I also suggest that when you buy your mandoline, you also get a cut-reisistant glove or gloves? After the thumb incident, I never use a mandoline without those gloves on! The blades on mandolines are super sharp, require very careful handling. I know of what I speak...
aargersi May 27, 2015
Excellent point - I also left a snack sized chunk of finger on my mandoline the first time I used it (trying to be cool like the TV chefs - slicing bare handed with no guard - don't do that) if you order your mandoline from Amazon, throw a pait of kevlar gloves in your basket. Here is what I have:
Emily L. May 27, 2015
haha thank you! (and thank you aargersi for the link). have been reading horror stories on amazon reviews as well...thinking a glove would be a good addition. :)
Pegeen May 26, 2015
I like my Kyocera
Susan W. May 26, 2015
I have this one and love it.
aargersi May 26, 2015
i love my OXO!
healthierkitchen May 27, 2015
will add my voice to the OXO, but I do use a "kevlar" glove because I'm a klutz with them

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The A. May 26, 2015
absolutely 100% a benriner! its the best twenty bucks youll ever spend and all that most professional kitchens use. buy one on amazon -
PieceOfLayerCake May 27, 2015
I second this!
Emily L. May 27, 2015
thank you (and thank for including a link!) !
Greenstuff May 27, 2015
I just came from the Ramen Shop in Oakland, one of the San Francisco Chronicle's 100 Best Restaurants and was counting the number of Benriners I saw. The same one I use at home. Affordable and versatile.
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