What's the best way to fry an egg? I am having trouble getting a perfect sunny side up egg.

  • Posted by: Belf
  • November 26, 2010


pierino November 26, 2010
I do have a thing for runny eggs myself, either poached or fried. I'd suggest using a non-stick pan and butter as opposed to oil. Clarified butter is even better. Break the egg(s) onto a saucer. When the butter gets to the brown stage and starts to smell nutty carefully slide the egg into the pan. As it begins to set spoon some of the whites over the yolk so that they are not running to all sides. Cook to your desired doneness but no more than two minutes thrill seeker.
pauljoseph November 26, 2010
easy way this is how we do and we call bulls eye egg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGM8EImhpXg&NR=1&feature=fvwp
Martin69 November 26, 2010
The way I so sunny side up is to use bacon grease, let the eggs swim in it... keep them moving, i.e. pushing them around or rolling the pan now and again to ensure they are not trying to stick. I've found that the salmonella threat is very true as well, so I don't eat them this way. But hey, each to their own.
chefdaniel November 26, 2010
using a fairly hot pan is key. Also the way I do it in a frying pan is to put just a little ice cube after a few minutes. Cover it and let it steam for a few minutes. It will cook the white and leave the yolk like you want. so many cooks have problems with SS up eggs. On a flat grill I use some of the oil that I have sitting on the grill and "splash" the oil onto the white to cook the white and leave the yolk uncooked. Actually SS up is not recommended any more due to the salmonella outbreak.
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