Digital vs paper cookbooks

Debating between buying The Modern Way To Eat by Anna Jones as a real book made of paper or the digital IPad version. Thoughts?

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Food O. May 30, 2015
So I've been taking a live survey too and digital is the way to go. There is a bookmark, highlight and note feature on iBooks. I will evolve. Thanks everyone.
Tarragon May 30, 2015
Cookbooks are the only books I still buy in the paper version. Much easier to sit and browse with a real book.
magpiebaker May 29, 2015
I don't have an iPad but have found that I don't use my Kindle cookbooks nearly as much. Scribbling in margins is key for me, so this may be a consideration. iPad owners, is there a way to make comments on the cookbook?
Susan W. May 29, 2015
I make notes in my Kindle cookbooks all of the time. I love the feature. Do you have the kindle fire?
QueenSashy May 29, 2015
It could be very personal. Some folks are very digital, some are more old fashioned. For a while I really enjoyed that feeling that book gives you when you touch the paper. But I am evolving... There are books that I enjoy better on iPad and then there are books that I prefer in print. Any book that is recipe or advice oriented, as well as food memoirs, I am ok having on iPad. But then there are books that are beautifully designed and photographed, and I just love holding them in my hand. Also, the books I frequently cook from, these are definitely very convenient to have on iPad, as you can carry them around the kitchen without making a mess.
Susan W. May 29, 2015
It's really a personal choice. I love that my cookbooks on my Kindle can go everywhere with me. I also love to page through my hard copy books. I do have to say, I haven't bought a hard copy book of any kind in a very long time.
Ted S. May 29, 2015
I've been surprised to find that I LOVE cookbooks on iPad. Not only does it help in a space constrained NYC apartment -- but you then have access to them all in one place. Cookbooks are getting MUCH better in this interactive environment.
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