Cornbread I made it and covered it with foil paper the next day it ain't little holes of the foil paper at the top I just made the cornbread is bad pl

I made cornbread in a pan I cover the top with foil paper and the next day I found it it ate little hoes on the foil paper does this mean the cornbread is bad?

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1 Comment

Lori T. November 13, 2020
Yeah, who knew cornbread could be an aluminum foil killer? I can't tell you exactly what ate the holes, but it is caused by a reaction between the aluminum and something else. The most usual culprit is acid, from tomatos, buttermilk, etc. It is possible that buttermilk or lemon juice used in making the cornbread could be the culprit. It could also be from residual lime used to treat the corn before milling, depending on what specific corn product you may have used. Finally, it could also be a reaction between the pan and the foil- if you tried storing it covered in a cast iron skillet, for instance. At any rate, it does not mean your cornbread is bad, or unsafe to eat. If it left ugly grey spots on the surface, you can remove those for esthetic purposes, or leave them be, and safely eat the bread.
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