Can I substitute broad bean chili paste in place of ssamjang?

No ssamjang to be found and I'm hosting a dinner party tommorow (chronic procrastination). I have broad bean chili paste, gochujang, and various other chili garlic sauces/condiments - any suggestions for a combination that will be an adequate substitute? Much appreciated! *Note - the ssamjang is being used as a condiment with momofuku Bo ssam.

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Susan W. May 29, 2015
You can make it if you have gochujang and miso. My store was out of it, so I made it using this recipe. Usually it's made with a chunky type miso, but this will be close enough. It says to use red miso, but I always buy shiro miso, so that's what I used.
KOKelley May 30, 2015
Thank you, Susan!
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