What was your most memorable road meal?

I was 21 and spending the summer in Salzburg at a German language school. One Saturday I went to the farmers market and bought a fresh roll, a hunk of cheese, a green pepper, and a pint of raspberries. My Swiss Army knife and I had the best picnic on the quai, along the river that flows through town. 35 years ago and it feels like yesterday!



AntoniaJames June 2, 2015
Bicycling through France, alone. The best chicken I've ever eaten, on a Friday evening in May in the town reknowned worldwide for its chicken - Bresse. Yes, it's as good as everyone says. The restaurant was full of happy people. What a meal. ;o) P.S. The tiny jewel of a flamboyant church at Bourg-en-Bresse, which I visited that afternoon, was also all that it was cracked up to be. I went to Bresse to see the church. A friendly local recommended the restaurant and insisted that I order the chicken.
AntoniaJames June 2, 2015
That should be "flaboyant Gothic" church (at Bourg-en-Bresse). ;o)
Windischgirl June 2, 2015
Ok, there's another one. We visited the tiny town of Stein am Rhein in Switzerland, one Sunday in December. Everything was covered in a delicate crown of frost, it was so cold. The train dropped us off so very early nothing was open in town. We wandered the silent streets looking for any way to warm up...and some breakfast would have been nice, too. Finally we found a little bakery (just had enough room for the five of us to stand) and we bought a loaf of Zopf that was still warm. Of course we devoured it. The images of the beautiful baroque town and the icicles will be with me always.
Stephanie June 2, 2015
Yes, the simplest meals can certainly be the best. We were on a family vacation, in memory of my grandfather, en route from Paris to Lucerne and stopped in a small town for lunch. The entire family shared jambon et formage baguettes, crowded on a small bench next to a fountain. It was the perfect lunch for everyone from dad to my sweet little sister. Somehow, it was so much more than just a ham and cheese sandwich.
Meaghan F. May 31, 2015
Similar to yours - last day of a short trip to Paris as a college student, and I was broke & hungry. I spent what little I had left on a bottle of water, a fresh baguette and some butter, which I nibbled on while walking around Montmarte.
CanadaDan May 30, 2015
Fredericks restaurant in Bolton's landing, NY. Driving from Montreal to NYC. we stopped there and I've never had such an amazing chicken pot pie. And with a bowl of pea soup sitting by a fireplace for anyone to grab as a free starter I can't remember ever eating soup like that. I dream of that place.
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