Salad Roll Woes

It's 95 degrees here for a few days, so I got busy in the kitchen cooking and prepping things for to be consumed on the hot days. Salad rolls with Thai Grilled chicken thighs are on the menu for a couple of meals. My salad rolls are a visual disaster. Love the filling. Cucumber, red and orange bell pepper, green onion, avocado, cilantro, micro greens and mung bean sprouts. I put those on the moistened rice paper leaving room to hopefully roll tightly. I moisten the veggies with a little vinaigrette made with rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. The dipping sauce is homemade mayo, sriracha, soy and sesame oil with grated ginger and chili flakes. Here's the problem. I can't for the life of me make a tight roll that holds together enough to dip. Most of the rolls I see have rice noodles in them, but I don't want to use them. Is that why they are so sort of flabby and loose? I'm well accustomed to rolling things. Am I underestimating how little time tha wrappers should spend in the warm water? I dip them in, swirl, flip, swirl and take them out. I'm considering trying room temp water. Any ideas? I want pretty rolls by golly!!

Susan W


Nancy June 7, 2015
2 or 3 thoughts. some recipes say soak wrappers in water until limp, not just dip in water. maybe use more filling per wrapper (as you're reducing volume by not using rice noodles). can't tell from your saga just how you're rolling/sealing. one recipe suggested roll like tortilla to make a burrito.
worst case, wrap each salad roll in a lettuce leaf and spear with toothpick.
Susan W. June 7, 2015
Thank you Nancy. Turns out, I was leaving them in the water too long. I also tried adding a small amount of rice vermicelli for lunch today and they turned out perfectly. Not sure which of those solved the problem. Maybe both. Here's a photo. I wish I had left one whole for the photo.
Nancy June 7, 2015
photo looks pretty good to me. :) besides, if there are too few left to photograph, something tasted good!
Susan W. June 7, 2015
Lol. I just make two rolls at a time. They don't keep well. I cut them both. Devoured one half and thought "oh, I should take a photo". They are delicious and perfect for a scorching day. :)
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