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This is a refreshing summer salad with the star being zucchini ribbons. Farmer's markets are brimming with colorful produce that I can't wait to bring home and make into something delicious!
This is one of my 'throw together' salads using one zucchini cut into ribbons, one half of an avocado, romaine lettuce and radishes. It's not so much a specific recipe, but produce I enjoy putting together randomly and tossing with sesame oil and rice vinegar, black pepper and a touch of salt. For extra zing, I squeeze fresh lime juice over it before devouring it! Happy Summer! BB

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inpatskitchen July 26, 2017
We love this corn, tomato and zucchini salad in the summer...
It's cool and refreshing!

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PHIL July 26, 2017
Okay here is my "entry" My A/C is broken so I am not allowed to cook in the house so the grill is getting a workout. Grilled zucchini and squash with grilled calamari. Calamari is marinated in olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, oregano & lemon. chopped tomato and parsley on top.
BerryBaby July 26, 2017
Yum! I'd make that but probably wouldn't look or taste as goid as yours!
Dona July 26, 2017
Julia Child's zucchini tian is one of my favorites.
PHIL July 26, 2017
Looks good, there is a recipe posted here
Panfusine July 26, 2017
Count me in this 'non-contest' recipe potluck.. THis carrot salad is one of my favorites all year round.
Asha L. July 26, 2017
My summer squash inspiration isn't really a recipe per se: slice different types of summer squash thinly (I use a mandolin), arrange in concentric circles on a plate, drizzle with good extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and then finish with torn basil, crumbled fresh goat cheese, lemon zest + flaky sea salt & freshly ground pepper. Et volià!
PHIL July 26, 2017
Looks good BB, thanks for starting the thread. Now have to go buy some zucchini and get to work.
Niknud July 26, 2017
Ooo! Ooo! I'm in! This is my most-est favorite-est summer salad that I use for potlucks, cookouts and bbqs cause it totally stands up to the heat and is portable and basically everything you would want for summer.
PHIL July 26, 2017
thanks for the link but add the pic here we can see everyone's dish without jumping back and forth to the link.
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