Can you please provide me with any good starter recipes other than usual rolls and cutlets?

Next week I'm conducting a kiddie party at home. Thought of making Lamb Machboos or Turkey Biryani as main dish and Levantine salads like tabooleh for salad basis and coconut crounche or Strawberry delight as dessert basis..But no idea on what food to begin with .Any suggestions guys.Give me any succulent starter recipe that should make my guest really a cherishing moment..

Please help me dears....Don't Google it just give me your own personal opinions and recipes..

Aaliya T Mohd


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anjamtm June 8, 2015
Why can't you try with skewers or kebab items ? just make a try on it...If your party is large and guest are VIP then always go for kofta recipes...Will give on egood recipe for your guest:

Enjoy your meal with this !

Aaliya T. June 8, 2015
oh! sounds very nice...Great..
Meher R. June 8, 2015
Wow! Anjam seems delicious...I think this can be also used as evening snack..let me also try with this!
Emile J. June 8, 2015
this kofta varies as per the country i think...I read the recipe sounds typical from my recipes...
Nancy June 1, 2015
It's a party so give people (this time short people) things they like and don't get at home. I would give the kids (and everyone) some kind of appetizer spread where they get to choose what they will and won't eat. No must-eat. So crudites with dips, crackers and cheeses, Middle-Eastern spreads and pickles, Mexican taco with garnishes of choice. You get the idea. Or, if you're not deeply attached to your dessert ideas, do a similar buffet for dessert - sundae bar, strawberry shortcake or cheesecake - each with choices of toppings.
Meaghan F. June 1, 2015
Agree; as a general rule of thumb, if you're hosting a group with varied tastes the food should be as customizable as possible. If there's time, I'd also suggest reaching out to the parents re. possible food allergies/sensitivities - doesn't necessarily mean you have to accommodate all of them, but if you serve an almond cookie, for example, you would then be able to alert the parents of nut-sensitive kids when they arrive so they're aware.
Nancy June 1, 2015
I would recommend different starters for 3 years old, 8 years old, or 13 years old. So, please tell us the age of your "kiddie party" guests, and we'll have some ideas.
Aaliya T. June 1, 2015
HI Nancy,

It includes kids of 6-7 year old five kids and their parents..expecting around 20 heads including me in the party. So need to gratfiy everyone...
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