Cooked French lentils

I cooked lentils for a recipe and didn't use all. Will they be ok to use a week later in soup?

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Greenstuff June 2, 2015 says 5-7 days in the refrigerator At a week, I'd be should be sure to cook the soup well.
Susan W. June 2, 2015
3-5 days is the usual practice for cooked lentils. A week is pushing it. If I knew I wouldn't use them for a week, I would freeze them.
ChefJune June 2, 2015
I see no need to freeze them if you're going to use them in a week. I would drain them and refrigerate them in an air-tight container so they won't pick up any unwanted odors. Another way I sometimes save them is to store them in a vinaigrette. Then they're ready to embellish a salad in a minute.
Panfusine June 2, 2015
Not sure, butif you don't want to waste it, freeze the leftover lentils immediately after completely draining any cooking water out of it.
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