what to do with too many french green lentils

i made the recipe "Pan seared salmon w/ french green lentils". it was a great dish but now i have lots of the cooked lentils leftover. don't know why but the amount was too much for the salmon. anyway, are there any suggestions how to use the left over lentils from this recipe

  • Posted by: alienor
  • April 20, 2012


susan G. April 20, 2012
Vinaigrette, veggies, lentils = a very nice salad. They they will keep much longer!
And if you don't want to do any of these things right away, make 1 or 2 cup portions and freeze them.
HalfPint April 20, 2012
Lentils are usually good with some garlicky sausages.
Sam1148 April 20, 2012
Make a Hummus with them. Wisk in a mini-prep food processor with lemon juice, olive oil, and tahani.
Use on sandwiches. Good whole wheat bread, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, avocado and Hummus is a great sandwich. (add a little oil and lemon juice and salt and pepper to the sprouts and tomatoes).

Hummus also freezes very well, but it rarely lasts that long around here to be an issue.
creamtea April 20, 2012
mix with cooked rice, top with sauteed onions (or onions and minced garlic, seasoned w/salt and pepper) and you have megedarra.
wssmom April 20, 2012
Here are a few of the favorites from Food52 you might consider ....



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