Bought unsalted butter: should have bought salted

Need salt butter for a baking recipe but bought unsalted out of habit. How much salt should I add?

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Food O. June 5, 2015
1/2 teaspoon salt worked. Cookies taste as they should. Thanks. Always can count on Food 52'ers to come to my rescue.
Debra C. June 5, 2015
Usually there is a teaspoon of salt to every 100gm of butter.
Susan W. June 5, 2015
Yikes. That would be over 4 tsp in a lb if I'm doing the math right. 1lb butter=453 grams. It's only 1.25 tsp per pound in the US and our salted butter is 4% sodium compared to 2% or less in the UK. Not sure where you live, but that would be some salty butter.
Food O. June 4, 2015
I need 2 sticks so I'm guessing 1/2 tsp salt should do. Thanks
Susan W. June 4, 2015
That'll work.
Susan W. June 4, 2015
How much butter does it call for? In the U.S., there is about 1.25 tsp of butter in one pound. Other countries cut that in half or more.
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