Chocolate chip cookies -how to correct salt level

I made Tara O'Brady's CCC's. The recipe said 1 1/2 Tsp kosher salt. I used Diamond Kosher, and they need more salt. I have already portioned them all out into balls on a cookie sheet. What is the best fix here? Do I let them come to room temp, mix back together and try to add salt? Help! I tried dusting with Maldon salt before baking but it didn't work...still flavorless.

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. October 2, 2020
So, I mashed 6 of my carefully portioned cookies together and sprinkled salt on them and mashed them very gently to mix and then re-portioned and baked. They were fine! Lesson that I learned - for Tara O'Brady Chocolate Chip recipe, 1 1/2 tsp of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt is not enough. Use more.
Nancy October 2, 2020
Glad to hear it all worked out. Enjoy the cookies ;)
Nancy September 29, 2020
Stephanie G, I'm working with my magic creative hat here if the extra flakes of salt won't adhere.
Use the (baked) chocolate cookies as the base for a sort of snack or savory-sweet hors d'oeuvre.
Think: anything salty you like that also goes with chocolate. Consider:
Triple creme cheese, alone or with figs
Feta and/or tzatziki
Mozzarella and anchovy
Curried cashew butter
Foie gras
Chicken pate
Mexican chicken
Butter chicken (India)
Any click with you?

Stephanie G. September 29, 2020
Interesting take, Nancy...with your extensive experience, would it be possible to season if I re-mixed them with salt?
Nancy September 29, 2020
Are the cookies you want to remix baked or dough?
If baked, yes crumble, add salt and use in a parfait or some similar dessert.
If dough, I fear results might be poor in terms of texture...maybe tough or flat from too much handling.
But not sure. If you're desperate or feeling experimental, try it.
Hope this helps.
Nancy September 29, 2020
Last idea (maybe desperate):

bake two batches, this undersalted set and one with regular or slightly elevated salt level.
Make sandwich cookies or ice cream cookie sandwiches with one ccc from each batch.
Nancy September 30, 2020
If you've not yet baked the undersalted ones.
Consider putting a salted nut on top of each formed balloon dough, press down and bake.
Or put a piece of salty caramel on top of each just after baking.
Stephanie G. September 30, 2020
I'm going mush a few back together and sprinkle on some salt. I will let you know how it turns out- if it turns out ok, I will do the whole batch.
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