Other uses for kitchen aid pasta roller?

I just got a new kitchen aid and a gift card to get an attachment for it. I don't eat pasta enough to justify the pasta roller on its own, but I was wondering if other things can be rolled out in it. I make a lot of empanadas and being able to roll out the dough on that would be great.

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Shelly0796 December 10, 2021
Great for angel wings and pierogi
heygidget May 17, 2021
I received the KitchenAid pasta attachments as a gift, but have yet to use it. I've been watching how-to videos this afternoon and now I'm curious about something. We love personal pan sized homemade pizzas, but I hate rolling out the dough for the crusts. Would I be able to use the roller attachment instead?
Gail T. March 16, 2021
It works fantastic for perogies I had a couple friends pinching while I rolled the dough and boiled. Made 20 dozen
Betty February 3, 2024
I was directed to you when I queried “can I use the Kitchenaid Ravioli Attachment model GEH-01-01 to make pierogis”. You stated you did. I was wondering what ingredients you used for making the dough and the thickness you used. Also, do you have a good Cheese Pierogi recipe? Thsnks so much!
boulangere June 12, 2015
You can also use it to roll laminated doughs, such as Danish and croissants. But I especially love @henandchicks's idea of using it for craft doughs! If I had little ones still, I could totally see teaching them to use it to roll out playdoh and even silly putty.
henandchicks June 12, 2015
Is it horrible to say that I hate rolling pasta, and used my old roller for craft dough, (such as Sculpey), until I realized that I didn't much like rolling out clay, either...
Do you have to get the pasta attachment? I have the grater/shredder, and use it often. I also have the grinder, and the bit that makes applesauce and tomato pulp- both excellent.
PieceOfLayerCake June 5, 2015
You can send pie crust through the machine and make hand pies or individual galettes. You can roll out tart crust (make sure its chilled slightly) and do mini tarts in muffin tins. You can send well-floured brioche and other enriched bread doughs through and make rolls, buns, filled pockets, etc. The sky is the limit.

I use a pasta roller to roll out fondant/gum paste/marzipan too when I'm making smaller details like flower petals/leaves. If you're into cake decorating, or decide you'd like to try it, a pasta machine is extremely useful.
Posie (. June 5, 2015
I make crackers all the time with mine (more than pasta!) -- a really simple olive oil and flour dough, then add any toppings like rosemary and sea salt or sesame seeds. Takes about 10 minutes to bake. Good recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2008/08/crisp-rosemary-flatbread/
Nancy June 5, 2015
yes, homemade crackers are easy and well worth the effort.
Annie S. June 5, 2015
I use my pasta roller for many things. I have made very delicate dumplings and cookies using it. I just got tired of rolling out pierogies about 20 years ago and tried the pasta roller and the results were fantastic! My roller is old school manual style but I am sure that won't make a difference. Chinese dumpling wrappers come out great too...just play around.
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