Friends! Crazy question! And yes, yes before you ask it’s Friday night and there have been several cocktails but hear me out....

Can you, perhaps, roll out dumpling wrapper dough in the pasta roller attachment that goes on the kitchen aid? We were sitting around, daydreaming about my ravioli that I’m making tomorrow and the idea just came to me. Husband sounded suspicious, so I’m checking with the Food52 crew to settle the bet. I always loved you the most though...remember that when choosing sides!

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • February 24, 2018


Nancy February 24, 2018
I haven't made them, but it sounds ok.
Just looked around and found that Serious Eats has made these wrappers in a pasta roller and recommends it. Not the KA, but a manual.
Not Kenzi, but one of his columnists. ;)
Trena H. February 24, 2018
Yes, this sounds like a great technique for making dumplings. Please put me down for team Rachel!
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