Cocktail recipe ideas for rose & elderflower sparkling lemonade.

I have some delicious Elderflower & Rose sparkling lemonade that I'd love to build a cocktail around. I would love some inspiration!

  • Posted by: JulieS
  • June 7, 2015


lem M. June 7, 2015
in Austria we have this thing called Kaiser-Gespritzter, emperor’s spritzer, which is a regular white wine spritzer (equal parts wine and soda water, optional lemon slice) with a glug of elderflower syrup.
or, commonly known all over German-speaking countries as an alternative to Aperol spritz, the Hugo: prosecco (or other sparkling wine), a glug each elderflower syrup (or cordial, or lemon balm syrup) and soda water, and a sprig of fresh mint, poured over ice and stirred.
I could imagine both with the additional rose flavour, but maybe experiment with the ratios so it doesn’t get too sweet?
for something stronger I think it would be delicious to just substitute part of the tonic water in a gin & tonic by the lemonade …
Nancy June 7, 2015
sambuca has elderflowers already in it (small amount) and might play nicely off the lemonade with those flavors. likewise, pernod or arak.
Pegeen June 7, 2015
Try testing a little Pimm's Cup No. 1 (gin with herbs) or just straight gin. Depending on how tart the lemonade is, you may need to add a little simple syrup.
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