What to cook/make with a bottle of rose?

I just opened a 750ml bottle of rose, and did not like it much…. It’s a good wine, so I wonder what to make with it. I do not quite want sangria or cocktails, prefer something edible and refreshing… Perhaps granita? Any thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated.



QueenSashy June 2, 2015
Thank you all for great suggestions. I made jelly, but somewhere along the way, in the spur of the moment, abandoned the rose water idea for cardamom pods. I also reduced half of the wine a little before adding it to the rest, and it turned out great!!!
sdebrango June 3, 2015
I hope I will see this on your blog, I love jelly and can't wait to see this, I imagine how delicious it is. I am going to make a sorbet as soon as my fruit is ripe enough to add.
Nancy May 31, 2015
If you still have the rose around, and this is to your taste, try a cold fruit soup, using the wine for some or all of the water. Many recipes around. Here's a quick overview http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Scandinavian-Fruit-Soup
arcane54 May 30, 2015
Wine jelly? Plus a drop of rose water...
JulieS May 29, 2015
How about a rose sangria? I have made one from Bobby Flay for years. 1 bottle rose, 1/4 c brandy, 1/4 c triple sec., 1 c fresh OJ, 1/4 c simple syrup (I infuse my with culinary dried lavender), then I love to add stone fruit and blackberries. It's delicious! I promise!
sdebrango May 29, 2015
Sangria granita, I love rose with peaches and raspberries you could make into a sorbet.
QueenSashy May 29, 2015
I am thinking about the same :)
sdebrango May 29, 2015
I think I'll go buy a bottle of rose just to make it, now you have me wanting some

QueenSashy May 29, 2015
and I am thinking a drop of rosewater...
sdebrango May 29, 2015
I think rosewater, just a drop would be wonderful. I am going to make some tomorrow. Can't wait. You have inspired me.
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