Breakfast ideas that are egg/dairy/nuts and grains free...

I'm cooking for a lady who's allergic to eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, oats, cranberries and pineapples... It's a real headache and i need your help ! I'm looking for breakfast ideas i made muffins and turnovers but i don't know where to turn.

***UPDATE*** I'm sorry i didn't express myself correctly, i didn't mean "grains" i meant "seeds". She can eat flour and everything but no sesame, chia, quinoa, etc.



cookbookchick June 14, 2015
Great minds/cooks..! ;-)
cookbookchick June 13, 2015
creamtea, that chickpea salad you describe is exactly what my dad used to make for summer cookouts and to serve alongside steak. I thought it was uniquely his recipe!
creamtea June 14, 2015
Oh, I thought my mother originated it. :)
creamtea June 13, 2015
Breakfast BLTs with egg-free mayo. Chopped salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, optional minced onion, parsley, lemon, ground pepper, sumac, and olive oil. Crispy, well-seasoned hash-browns. A fruit platter (without pineapple or cranberries). Breakfast baked potato stuffed with chickpea salad (chick peas, minced onion, lemon juice olive oil and parsley). Guacamole on toast or with flour tortillas brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs, then toasted in the oven.
Nyborg June 12, 2015
Try this website. Kate has fabulous breakfast ideas. It's my go-to site for grain free and dairy free (and egg free!) cooking. I have a restricted diet for health reasons.
Sam1148 June 10, 2015
Bloody Marys...lots of them. With celery..and maybe some beef jerky, and shrimp.

I don't know what you could cook for the lady tho.
Horto June 13, 2015
I am with Sam1148
Molly W. June 10, 2015
Try a grated (peeled) apple, some (1/2 tsp) lemon juice, a full teaspoon of cinnamon, and a few grains of stevia or a dollop of honey. Use as a base and add either dried fruit (apricots, raisins, figs) or shredded toasted coconut. I found this in a paleo cookbook recently. It's very refreshing AND surprisingly filling, and now I crave it at least once a week. (And it's not even apple season on the East Coast right now! I cannot wait to try it with crisp fall apples. )
Stephanie G. June 9, 2015
Miso soup?
Pegeen June 9, 2015
I would be really intrigued to know what your friend eats for breakfast on a daily basis, just to have on hand for any similar guests I might have. Thanks!
cookbookchick June 9, 2015
How interesting that so many of us like "dinner for breakfast"! I myself have always preferred that to traditional breakfast foods.
paula June 9, 2015
Talk to a good health food store about dairy-free/egg-free eating. Egg substitutes that can be used for baking. I've heard that silken tofu can be used in frittatas. Is the entire egg off the table? Egg Beaters are just egg whites.
Nancy June 9, 2015
Paula, fyi, I''ve also used silken tofu (buzzed in a blender or processor) as an egg substitute in making cakes, pancakes, bread. Helps with both protein and structure.
Melissa June 9, 2015
***UPDATE*** I'm sorry i didn't express myself correctly, i didn't mean "grains" i meant "seeds". She can eat flour and everything but no sesame, chia, quinoa, sesame, etc.
keel June 9, 2015
What about a baked oatmeal? You can just leave out the egg and use coconut milk. I like to make it at night and then bake it in the morning. Mixed fruit or even an apple pie style would be good.
caninechef June 9, 2015
Smoked salmon with cucumbers, tomatoes. Maybe crackers if there is some type she can have.
lem M. June 9, 2015
Also: just ask her about what she usually likes to eat in the morning! Breakfast can be such a personal meal, not being fully awake and prepared for the world yet, and she is probably much more used to handling her allergies, balancing them with her likes etc.
Nancy June 9, 2015
Nice point. Yes.
Melissa June 9, 2015
She's tired of always eating the same thing... that's why she wants me to find her something else.
Nancy June 9, 2015
Melissa, if this is for everyday cooking & your friend likes the "breakfast for dinner" idea, another solution is brisket latkes. A refinement on these is to bake them in muffin tins or ramekins, freeze most, & have them around for quick re-heat, alone or with other foods.
Susan W. June 9, 2015
The latkes sound so good, but they contain flour.
Kristen W. June 9, 2015
Can she do toast or an English muffin of some kind? If so, baked beans on toast with any of the English breakfast sides mentioned above (or simply some fruit) would be hearty and tasty.
Melissa June 9, 2015
I like the english muffin idea ! This recipe ( uses buttermilk in it. I'm not super familiar with this ingredient, will she get sick ? how can i replace it ?
Susan W. June 9, 2015
If she can't have grains, she can't have English muffins.
lem M. June 9, 2015
oh those are some excellent suggestions!
I would find out how far those allergies go: are pseudo-grains like amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat ok? they all make nice porridges, and there’s plenty vegan versions of traditional buckwheat crepes: great with sweet or salty toppings!
same thing for the dairy: is just lactose and/or cow’s milk problematic? how abut cheeses and sheep and/or goat dairy?
… goat cheese and smoked salmon would be delicious on a buckwheat crepe – but just one of many possible ideas.
Melissa June 9, 2015
She's dairy intolerant i think because she told me that even lactose free products weren't for her. They give her tummy aches.
Kristen W. June 9, 2015
Quinoa is technically a seed and not not a grain if I remember correctly-- what about quinoa breakfast porridge, topped with with fruit and/or a splash of maple syrup? You could even mix in toasted pine nuts, which are also technically a seed, for a nut-like element. I also love dinner for breakfast, btw, and do that fairly frequently -- my favorite is pasta bolognese for breakfast!
jilhil June 8, 2015
If she's not receptive to "dinner for breakfast" (which I think is the best idea for lots of options) and not allergic to coconut, you can try smoothies made with coconut milk. Blending a frozen banana into the smoothie will give it creaminess and body. Also, chia pudding made with coconut milk could be an option.
Melissa June 9, 2015
I like the smoothie idea and you can mix it so much ! Is it freezer friendly ?
jilhil June 9, 2015
Yes, you can make a large batch and freeze some. The downside is the length of time it can take to thaw. You can reduce the thaw time if you make smoothie ice cubes (use a silicon tray to make cube removal easy).
Claire S. June 8, 2015
What about an English/Irish style breakfast without the eggs. Bacon, hashbrowns, fried tomato and mushrooms and sausages if they're grain-free.

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Susan W. June 8, 2015
If I were allergic to all of those things, I would look beyond breakfast and eat dinner type things for breakfast. Soo many options. I love dinner for breakfast. A small steak, roasted asparagus and some fruit would make me very happy.
Nancy June 8, 2015
Susan W - I was going to suggest similar. Steak & fried potatoes, or beef stew....I have eaten these when overtaken by good smells while preparing dinner early in the day. And they were great!
Susan W. June 8, 2015
I agree Nancy. I changed my ideas about breakfast long ago. Give me soups, stews, steak...I could go on and on.
keel June 8, 2015
What about a sweet potato hash? Or maybe avocado toast with a nice slice of tomato?
Melissa June 9, 2015
That's such a good idea !
Susan W. June 9, 2015
If she can't have grains, she can't have toast.
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