Can Amaranth be used in baking? I've used cooked quinoa in muffins, breads, yet have not considered this grain.



boulangere January 7, 2014
You're very welcome.
Gaygourmet January 6, 2014
Thank you for such an expedient response!
boulangere January 6, 2014
Yes, you certainly can. Amaranth is a very good source of protein and many nutrients, and unlike some other grains, it is highly digestible. Because it absorbs large quantities of water very easily, it is a good emulsifier in baked goods. For the very same reason, though, it should probably not comprise more than 20-25% of the total flour in any recipe, otherwise whatever you are baking will be excessively dense. suggests using handfuls of it (and I'm thinking a handful to be equal to about 1/4 cup) in crêpe batters and pizza doughs.
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