Sunflower seed flour - tips for baking grain free quiche crust

I am trying to make a quiche crust with grain-free and nut-free ingredients. I have a great almond flour recipe but want to cater towards my nut-free friends!

I read that I need to soak and dry sunflower seeds before baking with them because of some acid, but wanted to know if anyone had advice on using as a crust ingredient or what flavors go best with it!


Katie Athaide


ktr July 14, 2017
Oh, I did not soak the seeds. I just tossed them in my blender and processed them until they turned into flour. You could sift them if you are worried about getting out the larger pieces.
Katie A. July 25, 2017
awesome thank you!
ktr July 14, 2017
I've subbed homemade sunflower seed flour for almond flour in a cake recipe. The only way anyone knew was that the cake turned greenish-blue on the inside. My in laws were concerned at first glance but my kids thought it was great!
Katie A. July 25, 2017
amazing thanks!!
Nancy July 14, 2017
No sunflower seed info, but yes a quiche-like spinach torta with a non-gluten crust.
Developed for Passover, when people get tired of matzo and matzo-crust.
If paleo is optional, then have a look at this. Use the whole recipe or just the potato crust.
Z July 14, 2017
My local bulk food store (Bulk Barn, here in Canada) sells ground pepitas, which I've successfully substituted for almond flour in several recipes. While the end product can be green-ish due to the colour of the pepitas, the texture and flavour is always good. I always assume cross-contamination when I'm buying bulk, but have considered grinding "safe" pepitas, unsoaked, when I'm baking for my nut-allergic friends.
Katie A. July 25, 2017
awesome thank you!
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